Special Covid-19


Special Covid-19

Dear clients,

The COVID-19 pandemic leaves and will leave in us a trauma that turns our lives upside down every day, every day and for months…

This health disaster that we are all experiencing, has led us to reflect on the ways in which we could contribute to help you, our action will be to reassure you our client as well as each of your collaborators and then protect and reassure your clients with effective solutions approved, but also innovative.

Let us remain logical, A guard or security agent is not a disinfection specialist moreover under the principle of law of specialization he could not perform this kind of work, this same agent is paid by a joint commission at higher financial cost than a surface technician or a steward, please note that the law allows disinfection of your shopping carts, guidance and reception of your customers by a steward or a surface technician at an hourly cost less than ‘a security guard, the steward will not interfere in the work dedicated to security.

VIP SERVICES is mobilized to best respond to the reality of what we live.

We will accompany you today and we will prepare you for the future thanks to our preventive disinfection countermeasures to guarantee the physical and financial health of everyone, your sustainability, your success is linked to ours.

Disinfection method against viruses in general according to standard EN14476:

Disinfection of your shopping carts, door handle, switch, keyboard, of your floors…. in short, all your objects or spaces having regular contact with human manipulation or coming and going.

This operation consists in diffusing, in the enclosed room, a mist of fine particles of 14 to 25 microns which will deposit on all the surfaces and walls to be treated.

When a microorganism is exposed to UV-C radiation, the nucleus of the cell is reached, and the duplication of DNA is stopped. UV radiation has an effect on DNA, nucleic acid and enzymes. Pathogenic organisms are therefore inactivated or destroyed.

Self-impacting is a bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant Coronavirus Covid19 EN14476. Based on alcohol, it is effective on Coronavirus and H1N1.
This aerosol has antibacterial and anti fungal activity in accordance with standard EN1276 and EN1650. Virucidal activity (Hepatitis B, HIV, Coronavirus, influenza virus, etc.) in accordance with standard EN14476: (under clean conditions).

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