Host / Hostess

The host or hostess ensures the physical and telephone reception of a company for an event. The hostess is part of the company’s communication policy and constitutes the company’s “showcase” towards its visitors. Its presentation must be impeccable.

The work of the host or hostess:

  • The hostess informs, guides and makes visitors wait
  • The hostess directs the visitor to the right contact in the company
  • The hostess answers the phone and sometimes establishes letters
  • The hostess communicates information which leads her to consult catalogs, directories, databases, etc.
  • The hostess may be required to verify the identity of visitors and issue badges, orient people, etc.
  • The hostess can make announcements by microphone or by posting
  • The hostess sometimes has translation and interpreting activities for the use of foreigners.


The steward’s mission is to ensure the management of your entire event, the coordination and proper functioning of the tasks you have entrusted to us.

Management of parking and its remuneration, guiding guests, welcoming, ticketing, supervision during sporting or cultural events.

The mission of the steward will not be that of a guard or security officer governed by a framework of strict laws.

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