Domestic Repair

Domestic Repair

VIP SERVICES offers you: domestic breakdown service allowing all audiences, especially seniors, to find the right contact person they need for a quick and efficient intervention.

With VIP Services no bad surprises, a free estimate is always offered to you before the start of the work, the price discount is fixed.

In which case should you call us? Here are a few cases

  • Clogged pipe, water leak
  • Painting & Decoration
  • Crack repair on your walls
  • Replacing a lock
  • Basic electricity, installation of lighting
  • Maintenance of your garden
  • Installation of anti-intrusion wrought iron barriers on your windows,
    fence, making private parking access …

The list is not exhaustive, each case is specific to your situation, do not hesitate to call us in your language! All you have to do is dial the phone number with the flag of your country, or request a quotes on our website, see you soon …

Free estimate without obligation!

Let us know your needs by providing as much detail as possible and receive a detailed price offer !