Mobile Car Wash

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Mobile Car Wash

We provide you with a tailor-made service without having to leave your home. We offer a washing service for your vehicles with high quality steam / water techniques.

Our vehicles are equipped and adapted to be autonomous in energy and water. We come to you at your home for individuals or at your workplace for companies.

The products used are specially designed for professionals and comply with the ecological environmental standard, we practice disinfection against viruses in your vehicle with an approved anti-bactericide and virucide.

Several cleaning formulas are offered to you in the form of three stars, with your loyalty card and after 10 washes the 11th of the Bronze type will be offered to you free of charge.

We will do our best to serve you and satisfy you, this will allow us to meet again.

See you soon.

Some additional information

  • Duration of service between 45 to 90 minutes
  • Travel costs included within a 25 km radius of ESTEPONA
  • Price including VAT
  • Motor home & utility vehicle on estimate
  • Boat on estimate
  • The provision of electricity is desirable but not essential
  • To wash your car a corner of shade is always appreciable for the quality of the products used, the workspace must be cleared to allow the cleaning of your vehicle or if necessary the mounting of a working arbor
  • Cash payment, in cash for individuals
  • Loyalty card after 10 washes the 11th offered for free

Three types of washing are available to you

40 €

55 €

65 €

50 €

65 €

75 €

60 €

75 €

85 €





Between door

Ground Carpet

Cov19 Decontamination



Door panels



Ground Carpet


Perfume - scent

Body protection & buffing

Interior plastic protection

Pneumatic gloss treatment

Interior anti-fog treatment

Leather processing

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